🔮Token Released (11/14/2021): CULT: 0x03884f7b79d99f78e4c6e52095c9845904574502 (Do not invest, this is a project)

UPDATE:✔️All starting tokens have been added into circulating supply & ⛏️Staking Platform Released!


📜Main Contract Info:

Main Contract


🚗CULT is a BEP-20 token featuring:1.8 Trillion token total supply; 1 Trillion Max Supply; 6 decimal point fungibility; 15% PancakeSwap buy fees; 20% PancakeSwap sell fees; No fees applied to other transfers;A systematic reserve mechanic that allows for automatic token buyback and recycling.

🟩-Q4️ Presale-🟩

🔮Cultonomics Token (CULT): 1.8 Trillion Total Supply, 1 Trillion Max Suppply

💳-Q4️ 2021-💳
  1. ✔️-Liquidity added to all swaps
  2. ✔️-Get on Nomics
  3. ❌-Get on CoinGecko
  4. ❌-Get on CoinMarketCap
  5. ✔️-Deploy Website for staking
  6. ✔️-Add Liquidity to Staking platform (11/20)

🟥-Q2 2022-🟥
  1. I currently do not have any plans left for the coin after this point. If new opportunities come about then we will mark down new goals.
  2. My plan if nothing comes about is to leave this coin completely to the community. I do not wanna benefit monetarily nor do I want to have the project be left to my ownership.
  3. I will be proud that this project helped me learn in terms of understanding the Crypto space more, and if it became of anything by this point.


📚Check out our White Paper here: Here!

💳How to Buy/Sell:💳

🥞When using PancakeSwap🥞

💳Set Pancake Swap Slippage For:💳



⛏️Staking can generate more CULT into existance from the Total Supply. The amount of tokens that can be acquired from staking can be capped at how many tokens are in the Contract Creator's Wallet.

✔️All starting tokens have been added into circulating supply

⛏️The staking platform is now out:

There is currently ---------- Tokens Available to Earn from Staking.